Northants Board & Card Gamers Collective


The Northants Board & Card Gamers Collective was started with the idea of creating a facebook community where people who share an interest in playing table top strategy board games and card games in the Northamptonshire area could get togther to swap ideas, discuss gaming and arrange gaming sessions.  It seemed the most natural thing to do would be to arrange a real world get together for some gaming action.


The objective of the day is simple, to meet up with other people who share your interest and hobby and play games.  Take the opportunity to try out new games and experience playing with outside of your regular gaming habits and hopefully introduce a new players to our absorbing and enjoyable hobby.  The overall mission is to have fun.


Q.  How much does it cost to come to the event?  

A.   The cost to stay and play for the day is £3 per adult with anyone under the age of 16 free  

     of charge.  The fee covers the cost of venue hire.   We will also have a raffle with game or geeky  

     related prizes, but this is optional of course.

Q.  What do I need to bring?

A.  The main thing is yourself, friends and family who might like to get involved.  If you have

     a game or two you'd like to play with some other people then bring those too, we want

     as many people as possible to get their games to the table.

Q.  How about something to eat or drink?  

A.   The bar at the venue will be open, they sell hot, cold and alcoholic beverages, bar snacks and some hot food.  There is also a Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks, Beefeater, Pizzahut and supermarket literally outside of the venue car park


Q. Can I bring children?  

A.   You are of course, we'd love to encourage a new generation of gamers.  Please

      remember if you do bring children that you must remain with them at all times

      including time spent playing games.  Please be aware that some game content (such as

      that found in horror themed games) may not be suitable for younger children or

      contain adult theme.  Check before you play please.