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If you have any old, unplayed or unloved games you would like to clear out of your collection then why not bring them on the day?

We will have a 'Trading Post' set up where you can display your games for sale or swap.   Just mark the game as either a sale only or interested in possible trades as well and leave it on the 'Trading Post' to see if it tickles anyones interest.

This is free and there are no commissions or other fees, all we ask is that you are honest about condition or missing components in the game.


Traders Attending

Once again we are pleased to have our locally based trader in attendance on the day with a small stall of gaming goodies for sale.  A big thankyou to 'The Pit Gaming Shop' for coming.  They will also be bringing some games to play too, so make sure you have a look at what they have.

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Sales and Swaps

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